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  The info-climbing mailing list is to help climbers in the Geneva area make contact with each other.

This mailing list is hosted on a CERN server, but has no other connection with the CERN organisation:

This is not a club !

This web site has been created to provide additional information in English that may be useful to users, such as directions to crags, topo's etc

    Climbing Trip Organisation tips


If you would like to organise a trip with the other members of the mailing list, here are a few tips to make things easier.

Reply to the info-climbing address! so everyone knows what is being planned, unless you don't want them to !

Include a link to a crag description web page or guide book so it its clear where people should be going.

A good place to meet up to share cars and make final plans is the CERN car-park at Meyrin.